The main aims of the Hörbar are:

  • Spreading and support of experimental music and arts. The focus is on music, although other mediums such as film, literature, performance are also of interest.

  • Bring consumers and producers of difficult music together with the aim of making the sometimes isolated efforts known to a wider audience. The Hörbar strives to create a network of information and contacts on local and international levels.

To reach these aims, the doors of Hörbar are open every Wednesday from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. in the entrance hall of the neatly refurbished B-Movie in the backyard of Brigittenstraße 5 in Hamburg, Germany. A meeting point for all that want information on the local and international scenes of experimental, atonal and noise music.

Here one can hear music that is not available at any record store. Musicians present their newest works, records and information are traded. The complete spectrum of the experimental scene is represented: music, video, film, literature etc..

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