At the beginning of the 90's Y-TON-G, tbc, Malte Steiner (Elektronengehirn, Notstandskomitee) took the initiative and met with a couple of other producers and consumers of experimental music every Wednesday in very make-shift rooms of a movie theater in Hamburg, Germany to play each other their music and plan common projects.

Word got round and the Hörbar (German for "audible" or "listening bar") became an institution for interested people. The number of active members grew constantly so that at the beginning of 1995 a non-profit organization - Hörbar e.V. - was founded.

In the mean time the number of members has grow to about 30, among others Asmus Tietchens, winner of the Karl-Sczuka prize in 2003, one of the internationally most renown awards for acoustic arts.

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