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Since 1990 – solo work as Maat, later Xyramat; solo artist in the field of experimental electronic music with different activities, releases, works with other artists like Shahin Charmi or Chaos Film and a lot of crazy performances in different extraordinary places like a ship (MS Stubnitz), a cinema (Hörbar), techno-discos (Ultraschall), train carriage (Stuttgart), clubs (Astra-Stube, Pudel, Cuba, Rhiz), church (Xperiment > L), Transmediale 2006 and so on. Since 2001, I sometimes also perform as a She-DJ, too: Black Bunny or Xyrabunny– with more dance inputs, incredible and special.

Her ideology: So I’m looking for new possibilities and new visions with a special female and political point of view. Freedom is my spirit.

My aim is to be wild and free in the field of standardized music, to use everything with an emotional sound or noise, to create, to construct and to perform. I love the Underground and to give inputs for a change of the realities of music. But I don’t like to explain and to give my music and my art work a theoretical legitimation or ideology. The key is the reflection of violence, war, victimization, authority, leadership and discrimination, especially of women.

The Releases and the activities of Maat/Xyramat:

Maat – „Konstruktionen“ (LP – Dom&Elchklang)
Maat – „Surabaya Johnny (Various Artists „Die Ohren des Kaiser Hirohito“ – dragnet records)
Maat – “Sie” (CD- dragnet records)
Maat – “Yacikaa” (CD – drag&drop)
Xyramat – Internet exhihbition in coorporation with Shahin Charmi „Millenium“
Xyramat/Relais/Jetzmann – Endlos Mix (Various Artists „Piraten 1 X 1“ – MS Stubnitz)
Xyramat – Soundtrack : Faites vos Jeux (http://www.filmgruppe-chaos.de)
Xyramat – Electronically (CD – Block4 – http://www.block4.com)
Various Artists – Reengineered (10inch- Block 4)
Various Artists - Pero la musica continuara
Xyramat – Electronica 4002 (www.finetunes.net)
Various Artists – Tinah#2 and Tinah#4 (www.thisisnotahomepage.com)

Other Activities: Artgenda 2002 in Hamburg, Radio Gagarin with Jetzmann and Tietchens, Organizing of Cultural Events in Germany, Club Kombinat, scholarship holder of Kulturbehörde in Hamburg 2000

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